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Micrewtube® Family of Cryogenic Vials

Micrewtube is a registered trademark of Simport Plastics

These products are certified RNase-free, DNase-free, and Pyrogen-free

Tamperproof Micrewtube Products

How Does It Work?

MTTP works

At last, a TAMPERPROOF microcentrifuge tube incorporating all the features and benefits of the Simport Micrewtube Family. Ideal for all applications requiring a tamper evident seal, a Simport tamperproof Micrewtube® also has a multitude of benefits when used in your lab. It is ideal for freezer storage, boiling applications, centrifugation etc. and will fit most standard microcentrifuge rotors.
 Simply screw the cap on the tube and the tamper evident sealing ring is automatically in place. When unscrewed, the ring is detached from the tube and remains in its position, showing clearly that the tube was opened. The flat cap facilitates manipulation especially in aseptic procedures. It does not incorporate an attachment loop for users who prefer to remove it completely from the tube when filling or sampling. The o-ring secured in the cap ensures a positive leak proof seal, time after time, keeping the integrity of small samples under even the most adverse conditions. The tamperproof Micrewtube cryogenic vial is available in many varieties of sterile and non sterile configurations. The tubes are available non-printed or printed with graduations and white marking area for sample identification. They also can be centrifuged up to 17,000g. Sterile tubes are gamma irradiated and packaged in tamperproof resealable bags to protect remaining tubes from contamination. Sterile tubes are also available with printed graduations and white marking area for sample identification. Tubes and caps are also available separately.

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TP group

Non-sterile, O-Ring Caps not assembled, Non-graduated

Cat No. Description Quantity Price
T335-2TP Self standing, 0.5ml 1000/case $106.31
T335-4TP Self standing, 1.5ml 1000/case
T335-5TP Without skirt, 1.5ml 1000/case
T335-6TP Self standing, 2ml 1000/case
T335-7TP Without skirt, 2ml 1000/case

Sterile, O-Ring Caps are slightly screwed on, Non-graduated

Cat No. Description Quantity Price
T335-2STP Self standing, 0.5ml 500/case $86.47
T335-4STP Self standing, 1.5ml 500/case
T335-5STP Without skirt, 1.5ml 500/case
T335-6STP Self standing, 2ml 500/case
T335-7STP Without skirt, 2ml 500/case

Sterile, With white markings and graduations, O-Ring Caps are slightly screwed on

Cat No. Description Quantity Price
T335-2SPRTP Self standing, 0.5ml 500/case $92.64
T335-4SPRTP Self standing, 1.5ml 500/case
T335-5SPRTP Without skirt, 1.5ml 500/case
T335-6SPRTP Self standing, 2ml 500/case
T335-7SPRTP Without skirt, 2ml 500/case


Tubes & Caps Separate

MT tubes Non-sterile, graduated tubes only
Cat No. Description Quantity Price
T341-2TPRTP Self standing, 0.5ml 1000/case $80.85
T341-4TPRTP Self standing, 1.5ml 1000/case
T341-5TPRTP Without skirt, 1.5ml 1000/case
T341-6TPRTP Self standing, 2ml 1000/case
T341-7TPRTP Without skirt, 2ml 1000/case
Non-sterile, Non-graduated tubes only
Cat No. Description Quantity Price
T341-2TTP Self standing, 0.5ml 1000/case $44.62
T341-4TTP Self standing, 1.5ml 1000/case
T341-5TTP Without skirt, 1.5ml 1000/case
T341-6TTP Self standing, 2ml 1000/case
T341-7TTP Without skirt, 2ml 1000/case


TP Caps

Closure Only, with flat top and O-Ring seal, non-sterile
Colored caps are available by special order; call (724) 935-6840 for more information

T340NOSFTTP Natural 1000/pack $90.55
All Cryovial®, PCR®, and other microtube products from Simport are DNase-, RNase-, DNA-, and pyrogen-free. That means these products are handled and packaged in hepa filtered environments by specially trained and clothed technicians.

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