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Micrewtube® Family of Cryogenic Vials

Micrewtube is a registered trademark of Simport Plastics

Separate Tubes & Caps; Specialty Tubes

All tubes are 11mm in diameter and 44mm high; (caps are 13mm in diameter).

These separate Micrewtube cryogenic vials and caps are non-sterile and, although very clean, should not be considered contaminant free.

These are the available shapes and volumes:


Micrewtubes; Tubes OnlyT341 tubes
Cat. No. Style Volume Quantity Price
T341-2T Self-Standing 0.5ml 1000/case $44.62
T341-4T Self-Standing 1.5ml 1000/case
T341-5T Without Skirt 1.5ml 1000/case
T341-6T Self-Standing 2.0ml 1000/case
T341-7T Without Skirt 2.0ml 1000/case
Graduated Tubes with Marking AreaT341TPR
Cat. No. Style Volume Quantity Price
T341-2TPR Self-Standing 0.5ml 1000/case $80.85
T341-4TPR Self-Standing 1.5ml 1000/case
T341-5TPR Without Skirt 1.5ml 1000/case
T341-6TPR Self-Standing 2.0ml 1000/case
T341-7TPR Without Skirt 2.0ml 1000/case
Tubes for Light Sensitive Material T341TBR
Cat. No. Style Volume Quantity Price
T341-2TBR Self-Standing 0.5ml 1000/case $56.13
T341-4TBR Self-Standing 1.5ml 1000/case
T341-5TBR Without Skirt 1.5ml 1000/case
T341-6TBR Self-Standing 2.0ml 1000/case
T341-7TBR Without Skirt 2.0ml 1000/case
Tubes with Low Surface Adhesion T341TLST
Cat. No. Style Volume Quantity Price
T341-2TLST Self-Standing 0.5ml 1000/case $56.13
T341-4TLST Self-Standing 1.5ml 1000/case
T341-5TLST Without Skirt 1.5ml 1000/case
T341-6TLST Self-Standing 2.0ml 1000/case
T341-7TLST Without Skirt 2.0ml 1000/case



O-Ring Cap Only

Cat. No. Color Qty Price
T340 NOS Natural 1000 $75.48
T340 BOS Blue 1000
T340 GOS Green 1000
T340 LOS Lilac 1000
T340 ROS Red 1000
T340 YOS Yellow 1000
T340 WOS White 1000
T340 BROS Brown 1000


O-Ring With Loop Cap Only

Cat. No. Color Qty Price
T340 NOSL Natural 1000 $81.34
T340 BOSL Blue 1000
T340 GOSL Green 1000
T340 LOSL Lilac 1000
T340 ROSL Red 1000
T340 YOSL Yellow 1000
T340 WOSL White 1000
T340 BROSL Brown 1000


O-Ring Flat Top Cap Only

Cat. No. Color Qty Price
T340 NOSFT Natural 1000 $75.48
T340 BOSFT Blue 1000
T340 GOSFT Green 1000
T340 LOSFT Lilac 1000
T340 ROSFT Red 1000
T340 YOSFT Yellow 1000
T340 WOSFT White 1000
T340 BROSFT Brown 1000


Lip Seal Cap Only

Cat. No. Color Qty Price
T340 NLS Natural 1000 $47.21
T340 BLS Blue 1000
T340 GLS Green 1000
T340 LLS Lilac 1000
T340 RLS Red 1000
T340 YLS Yellow 1000
T340 WLS White 1000
T340 BRLS Brown 1000


Lip Seal With Loop Cap Only

Cat. No. Color Qty Price
T340 NLSL Natural 1000 $53.42
T340 BLSL Blue 1000
T340 GLSL Green 1000
T340 LLSL Lilac 1000
T340 RLSL Red 1000
T340 YLSL Yellow 1000
T340 WLSL White 1000
T340 BRSL Brown 1000


Lip Seal Flat Top Cap Only

Cat. No. Color Qty Price
T340 NLSFT Natural 1000 $47.21
T340 BLSFT Blue 1000
T340 GLSFT Green 1000
T340 LLSFT Lilac 1000
T340 RLSFT Red 1000
T340 YLSFT Yellow 1000
T340 WLSFT White 1000
T340 BRLSFT Brown 1000


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